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95 Chevy 1 ton Van

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Has anyone put a 4BT or 6BT in a full size Chevy van??

I am thinking about a 4BT/47RH combo, but wonder if it is doable.

Any advice is much appreciated.
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Figured I would just bump up your thread here..

I'm also working on a G30 conversion.
Planning on using the stock 4L80E or swapping out to a 5-speed, whichever proves cheaper.

Does anyone have a pic of the 4bt installed in a 3rd gen Chevy van?
Still haven't found one! :confused:
Youd be cheaper to sell the 4l80 and run a 47RH. Manual trany in a van, no room for a clutch pedal, it may be possible, but it would take alot of work.
my van is g20 i put a 4bt and 400trany
Are you around? I'm considering the same, I have a 84 G20. I understand the bread trucks were swapped in to replace small block gas and they used the same gearing with good results. Can you post pictures?
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