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I run our Tube Division here at A&W. We provide replacement OEM exhaust components for Paccar parts and support the Line at Peterbilt Denton.

I keep a very large stock of various degree elbows in both 4" and 5" diameter tubes. I would like to offer these elbows to all of you here to fabricate your custom exhaust systems in your diesel swapped vehicles.

We have three types of material to choose from,

Steel-5" only
Aluminized steel- 4"-5"
Stainless Steel- 4"-5"

General Stainless elbow pricing.

4" SS 90 Degree elbow - $38.00
4" SS 45 Degree elbow - $37.00
5" SS 90 Degree elbow - $43.00
5" SS 45 Degree elbow - $38.00

We also produce 5"-4" reducers and 4" and 5" Slip joints. Clamps are available, i just buy them from our local Inland Truck Parts.
I do ceramic coating here myself and we have an off site chrome shop as well for stacks and tips, North Texas Quality Chrome, besides pipe if you need anything chromed i can put you in contact with our GM up there.

Please feel free to give me a call or shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions, or need anything custom bent.

Thank you,

Marshall Waters
A&W Productions
[email protected]


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