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After how many years would it take to break even for cost of 4bt swap if make bio-die

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if i make my own bio diesel, after how many years would it take to repay for my jeep swap
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Since we are on the subject heres my .02. I am converting to a 4B from a 460 that was neting me 6 MPG on premium only, the compresion ratio didn't like cheap fuel. My project should net me coservitivly 18 MPG a three fold increase from my previos situation. Let me make sure I have made my point, I will be able to travel three time the distance on the same amount of fuel. Bought at the pump I am paying more for the premium gas then I would ever pay for the Diesel, so even if I do not make home brew I will be saving alot of money. The truck only moves when loaded or when going to get a load the swap will allow me more flexibility with the truck meanning I will be able to play with it and drive it back and forth to work.
I heat my home with a Central Boiler outdoor wood furnace, I also heat my potable hot water, The savings in fuel will mean that I am getting closer to a personal goal of mine, heat my home for free, that means everthing from cutting the wood to transporting it. Mabey I will even sell some wood and I could actually get paid to heat my home, eventually I would like to become completly self contained, producing my own homebrew fuel, heating my home with wood and creating power with a 4b genset running on used oil homebrew. But everyone has a dream. Making that dream come true is the fun part.
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