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Here is my situation: Our Durango needed a new motor anyway, along with wiring/sensor issues. Between the new motor and even mild electrical parts replacement, and me doing all work myself, I estimated $3000 to replace the motor with another 360. I'm estimating that the diesel swap will cost me $2000 when I'm done selling the Frito truck and unused parts. Thats an immediate savings, although the 4bt swap cost a LOT more in time. Now for fuel savings:

Stock 360 in Durango: 15mpg on a good day, usually less.
4bt in Durango with 5 speed: est. 28mpg.
Gas cost around here: $3.15/gal.
Diesel cost here: $350/gal.
Estimated 25k miles a year driving.

That works out to $5250/yr. for gas, $3125/yr. for diesel, or $2125/yr. savings. That doesn't count the savings in tune-up costs the diesel won't have (plugs, wires, cap, rotor). So even if my original motor wasn't bad, it would only take about a year to pay for the diesel swap. If I don't sell anything from the swap to recoup some $$$$, it would take about 2 years to pay for the Cummins. Not bad no matter how you figure it. Of course the above numbers change by the day, and I don't plan to run regular diesel take off about .50/gal. for running off road diesel. :D

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