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Aftermarket NV4500 slave cylinder

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Anyone know if a aftermarket slave cylinder is available? I only need the slave since I am going to adapt that to a Ford master cylinder. This would be for a NV4500 behind a 6Bt.

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LUK automative components has one.
Try this
If you're using a dodge motor plate and bellhousing why won't the dodge slave work?
A dodge one would work but I thought Dodge only sold them as a complete unit. ie slave, master cylinder and line for the sum of 260.00. I only need the slave cylinder.

If you're using a dodge motor plate and bellhousing why won't the dodge slave work?
I buy aftermarket slave cylinders for my NV-4500's right at my local NAPA store. Last one he had right in stock. The Slave Cylinder has a special fitting. Here is how I adapt it. I have been told that some aftermarket company is making this fitting. I like to save a buck plus my first NV-4500 swap was before the fitting was available.

Car quest,napa,auto zone,advance auto, pep boys , all of the auto places sell the slave.

The dodge set up new from dodge is all one piece.

Here's the fitting to convert it to a flare.
russel performance
bought mine at advanced for 50
I used a stock late 60's Dodge clutch master and slave cylinder on my NV4500 install. I drilled the tranny housing and bolted slave directly to tranny. Had to cut down and turn a Grade 8 bolt to make a new slave cylinder pushrod. Works great and the old Dodge slaves can be rebuilt. A friend also bores them out and relines with stainless for a lifetime piece.
I'll try to post some pics here: shows fabbed up pushrod with slave, the clutch release fork with slave behind, and the slave attached to side of tranny. Works fine.


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Thanks guys, that's what I was looking for.
bringing this thread back

hey all, I need to bring this thread back to life. I am putting a 4bt/nv4500 into a 79 bronco. I used a 90s ford clutch master cylinder. I modified the ford oring, push in line that used a roll pin to hold it together but filing it down so it fits the dodge slave cylinder. The problem is that I have changed my mind and now I want to use a gm cast iron slave off a 90 1/2 ton. it uses a threaded flared fitting i think. so basically i want to adapt a dodge push in oring fitting to the chevy threaded master cylinder. russel performance probly has it but i don't know what the dodge push in oring fitting is called.
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