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Hey all... Ive been hanging around here for quite some time bothering a couple members here and there to get some information. Didnt want to post anything till I was sure I was gonna do it.

Well I picked up my engine last night. Its a little dirty and all and its been sitting for about 2 years, that didnt do me any favors at all. The CPL is 1260. At the last second he thru in the t19 tranny with the drum brake on the back. Oh if anyone needs the ford adapter, starter, flywheel or a t19 tranny (with a drum brake?) let me know.

Plans are to mount the NV4500 behind it. I already have the flywheel and I feel it would be the easiest swap in my 01' Dakota. I heard the NV3500 and the NV4500 are pretty similar and pretty easy to swap from one to another. For my motor mounts Ive also read that the frame rails where the engine mounts are the same distance apart on the dakota and the ram, so plans are to get a set of sec gen mounts and go into a junk yard and grind the exsisting mounts off a 1500 or a 2500. But I gotta take some measurements because nothing is that easy. If anyone has some dodge parts they wanna swap or sell please let me know. The only thing I have is the flywheel.

Oh by the way my name is Dan and I hail from good ol' Jackson Center, PA.
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