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I agree about the SAE #3. Mine looked large until I saw the Dodge housing, and found it was almost the same exact size. The flywheels are almost the same as well, with the medium duty flywheel being around 1/2" or so larger. Dodge uses a 12.25" clutch, while my SAE #3 uses a 13" clutch. I drove a 2.5 ton Deuce 500+ miles with a Spicer 3053a, and I have to say that it shifted quite well, better than many older 3/4 and 1-ton 4-speeds. They have synchros and an overdrive, so they are well suited to everyday use. I think they may have gotten a bad rep by people using abused, high-mileage versions taken out of old trucks. I have one set aside for my '96 Ram Cummins, which will be going in after I'm done with the 4bt Durango project.

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