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Does your 4B have a Load Governor Injection pump ( industrial) and you need a Automotive application (speed Governor)

I am going to build up a 30KW Genset. I have a automotive Bosch VE Pump and need a Industrial Load Governor Pump, such as the following;

Prefer--- a Bosch Distributor Fuel Injection, VE Series with Variable Speed Governor
for 4B series engines

Also considered are;
Stanadyne DB4 Distributer Type FI Pump for 4B Series (Load Governor)
Lucas CAV-DPA Distributer Type FI Pump for 4B Series ( Load Governor)

If your interested I have;

Cummins Re Con Bosch VE Pump, Automotive Application (Speed Governor)
the numbers on the VE Pump are;
3908191 RX
Phase II

This pump is a Recon, but NOT a new Recon. It does have in service time on her. It was on a engine that was taken out of service due to a crank thrust bearing problem. I was told the engine ran, but I have NOT run it. I do NOT know the condition of this VE Pump.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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