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What are you calling Gen 2.

Typical Dodge cummins engine families were
1989-93 Gen 1 12v
1994-98 Gen 2 12v
1998.4-2002 Gen 2 24v
2003-2007 Gen 3 commons rail

the later gen3 exhaust manifolds are the ones that put the turbo down at a 90 to the exhasut ports problem is all 24v manifolds have a diffrent exhasust port than 12 valves used so installing a 12v in a ford would necesitate using a 89-98 12v exhaust manifold unless...... you want to pursue using a F-600 or frieghtliner exhaust manifold with the turbo hung under 5 & 6 exhaust ports.

Personally when i put the 6bt in my Ford my turbo sat about 1" away from my heater box. I had not problems with just a heat wrap stuck to the box but later i built a thin heat shield and wrapped that around the exhaust housing and i also took a layer of asbestos and screwed that to the outside of the heater box..... made no difference but gave me piece of mind.

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