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We apologize for the inconvenience -- You will need a Red Star before you can post / sell stuff from your own company. We welcome everyone but it costs money to run this site so we require that you become a Red Star member before making a profit off this site. After that, post/pimp your stuff all you want! With any questions, feel free to email or PM dieselcruiserhead. Read below for full rundown of what you get with your red star...

Added July 2011: Buy a reoccurring vendor star and get 15% off! For only $84 for a year you can become a vendor here. It can be cancelled any time. Click Here for full information.



As you may know, it costs money and time to setup and run a full scale bulletin board. In an effort to raise funds for the board to pay the bills here, we have set up a payment system similar to, and and some of the other boards out there. However, if you are not a paid member you are still allowed to post and have full membership ability, and put up pictures on our server but only at a limited scale... It is only $18.

Blue Star Members
Support and get:

* Get a blue star next to your name
* Ability to upload and post infinite amounts of photos!
* 500 Private Messages!
* Participate in our giveaways

Membership is only $18 a year and does not automatically charge you at expiration. We also have a new category for only $16.50 a year, that adds a reoccurring subscription. Thank you!

Sign up here:

Vendors/Red Star Members

To be allowed to solicit your products, you will need to be a red star member, which costs $99.00. Red star members are allowed to blatently sell & pimp their stuff in all forums, in their signatures, etc! Vendors are also allowed to do free give aways which also raises awareness about your products. In addition to this, you also get all of the perks of being a blue star member (infinite picture posting, 500 personal messages, etc). Try it out for a year if you would like, it does not automatically renew at the end of the year!

Sign up here:



We have been having an absolute ton of these lately so I thought I would post an announcement about it. For some reason YAHOO IS PUTTING THE REGISTRATION EMAILS INTO YOUR SPAM BOX.

Some of the guys who are new to this style board are having registration problems. The way it works is, to see photos, post etc, you need to register. Do this by clicking the link in the top right corner.

After you register, you must check your email, click the link supplied in the email, and then your registration is complete. Those of you who have registered but haven't followed through on the email will not be able to see photos etc. Because these emails are sent from the automated system, sometimes they end up in the spam box so check there if you are registered but unable to see photos, etc..

Here is the original thread about it, please post questions or comments about it there:

If you are missing the email completely, send a PM to dieselcruiserhead or send us an email via the contact us page. Thank you!
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