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body mount idea

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so I had weird idea so what if you used a hydraulic engine mount like what people use for the 4bt but as a body mount on a truck cab. Really the only 3 problems I can see with it is that 1 some fabrication may be required obviously 2 it would probably lift the body of the truck some which in my case isn't a problem and 3 when the those mounts fail they usually fall in 2 pieces which is the big problem cause you obviously don't want the body of your truck falling off. So are there any of these mounts that don't separate when they go bad?
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The fluid type mounts can be used as a body mount. Actually, the Lord engine mounts used on the 4bt are listed as body mounts for heavy duty trucks. A truck body probably doesn't weigh much more than an engine if as much and you'd probably have 4 mounts instead of 2 anyway. The one thing to be careful of is the load rating of the mounts. That can vary quite a bit. The Lord J-18569 is listed as a cab mount with a rating of up to 400 lbs each. The 4bt engine mounts were part W8810953. The one drawback on the Lord mounts is cost. They are aircraft grade parts and expensive. Here's a NOS pair of Lord's mounts with brackets for a 4bt on ebay for $520. That would be considered cheap. New NOS lord fluidlastic motor mounts And 4bt Engine Side Mounts | eBay
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Place a metal band or braided metal cable with swagged eye ends leaving some slack, for mount to move as designed, attach at top and bottom of mount...
I’m using fluid mounts from a Chevy lumana. They have metal “keeper bar” that will not let the motor go too far if the rubber/liquid fails. I’m sure they would work fine for body mounts.
Having owned four peterbilt trucks, three of which had air-ride cabs and they worked very well, I could see you trying those hyd mounts under your pick up cab... however on the petes the front mounts on the cabs were mounted over rubber pucks and the air bags at the rear of the cabs or the sleeper, also on the big trucks, the hoods are flip up style and do not move with cabs... I would suggest using the same design and putting your hyd mounts at the rear of the cab... not sure how you would mount in the front or where, you really need a hinge point for stability...
I guess one question is: How much do you want your body wobbling around?

Heavy trucks have a lot of movement in their cab mounts because it's most of the suspension. The truck suspension is too hard for comfort so they suspend the cab. They can wobble around a lot.
Most other vehicles run rubber sandwich mounts for the body because it's a good midway between NVH and rigidity.
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I thought about hydraulic body mounts, my project originally had wood body mounts. Found plenty of hydraulic body mounts. Didn't like the cost so the front has a jeep JK mounts and the rear is 1/2 ton ram. I also like tractor cab mounts but couldn't find the size I wanted. The mounts I used on the rear of my engine were my first choice but couldn't get them at the time. I wasted a lot of time, if you go with hydrauilc let us know how it worked.
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