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Have you ever considered getting a set of side visors or a hood protector for your Dodge Ram? We are here to give you a hint! Consider the new Tough Guard FormFit Hood Protectors and Side Visors, and give your ride a functional and stylish upgrade.

These innovative products are made from high impact ABS co-extruded with an acrylic top layer. Acrylic is the material in your taillights and headlights and provides a surface finish that will never fade, discolor or get chalky looking. They feature patent-pending design, inspired by the appearance of aggressively styled “bolt-on” fender flares. Even if your truck doesn’t have pocket-style fender flares, Tough Guard deflectors will perfectly complement it.

Tough Guard® - Tape-On FormFit Side Visors

Tough Guard® - Black FormFit Hood Protectors

View the full list of Tough Guard Automotive Accessories Tough Guard™ | Hood Protectors & Automotive Accessories —

Accessorize your Dodge Ram with new Tough Guard Exterior Products!​
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