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Books that are "out of print" or sometimes hard to locate can be found here: This is a compiled world wide listing of used book resellers. Be cautious as there are quite a few stores that are currently selling used books at outrageous prices that can still be purchased as new for far less money. Also watch for international shipping rates at high prices.

Remember to check the links on here to Bosch publications available directly from them.


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That SAE paper on bosch pumps arrived.

It gives a breif rundown on all the common inline pumps, then goes into much deeper detail on the Bosch P pumps.
Also covers the bolt-on options for the pumps, different govenor types, timing advance devices and boost compensators.

My 4BD1T has a P pump made by Diesel-Kiki of japan under license to bosch, my engine was sold into the japanese domestic market.
The photos I have seen from the Aussie 4BD1's (non turbo) show a A type pump.

I have also ordered a copy of the "Diesel Engine Reference Book" directly from SAE. Much more agreeable price.
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