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Bosch VE Pump Leaking

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Just noticed a fuel leak that appears to be coming from around the throttle shaft. If anyone has any tips for replacing the throttle shaft seal, I would be most appreciative. Also, I have been having some problems with fuel filters becoming plugged prematurely (less than 6000 miles). After cutting the filter open to investigate, along with the normal dirt one would expect to find, there is some other debris that resembles white/silver paint flecks. It won't stick to a magnet, so it must not be a ferrous metal, if it's metal at all. I would really like to know what this crap is. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.
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When you take out the throttle shaft make sure you mark the position of the throttle linkage.
From what I gather the new ULSD can really do a scrub job on your tank and fuel lines and clog up filters pretty fast. I'm seriously considering an inline pre-filter for mine hoping it will help. If you have an aluminum tank that could be what the debris is, or something else that was once stuck inside tank or lines. Sounds like we'll have to get used to that from what I read around the net!

Got the seal replaced no problem thanks to some good info (and parts) from the folks at Scheid. The jury is still out on the mystery material in the fuel filter, but I am now convinced, at least until proven wrong, that it is aluminum shavings. The only aluminum component in the fuel system before the filter is the lift pump, so I installed a new one, thinking maybe it is self destructing. I am also going to start purchasing my fuel from a different source. I'll cut the filter open in a couple thousand miles and see if either of these things made a difference. By the way, I got the throttle linkage right on the second try ;) Thanks.
Is there a sticky or does someone have a link to instructions on how to do this seal replacement? Thanks for any info.
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