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I have a rear gear 6.7 in a 4x4 2000 suburban. I originally had a 4l80e behind it using Phoenix casting adapters. I tore the truck back down because I didn't like how forward the engine sat.

Now that it's all apart I'm reconsidering my trans setup. I really don't like how weak the adapters look, especially behind this engine.

I'm now considering either an Allison 1000 or an nv4500 both using an sae2 bell housing to eliminate adapters and shorten the drivetrain.

I can't find any diagrams or info on what flywheels to use on my engine behind either trans. The Allison looks to be most expensive but will handle the torque. The nv4500 is crazy expensive around here and all need rebuilt. On the other hand the Allison will need a $1200 controller.

Any suggestions?
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