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Common rail swap in a workhorse

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good day I’ve The reason I was on this site is because I’m in the process of putting a 4bt Isb into a gruman stepvan. Which is not its original application.
I’d like to start the motor before going any further but have no idea about the ecu wiring? Give me a be or p pump and I’d already have that motor in there.
I gues what I’m asking is for info as to what wires need to connected just
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to start the motor? Wires for the ecu I have the original harness
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We have several members who have done swaps with those engines. You mention you have the wiring harness. Do you have all of it? The accelerator pedal is even electronic on that engine. Cummins only supplied the sensor harness which I see in you photo. That is referred to as the engine control harness. Here's its diagram.
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The harness that feeds the dash instruments and other functions is supplied by the end user. Also, did you get the Allison transmission with the engine? That also has a control harness. Like I said, we have several guys who are kind of expert on these creatures. I'm not that computer literate to help you on these. Look at some of the builds that have this engine and also check the common rail section.
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