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I am planning on converting 2 of my 4BTA CAC to Liquid aftercooler. The Liquid Aftercooler has two tubes ( Supply and Return). The Tube going to the head is in question. How is this tube retained in the head ? I removed the push in plug on the proper head port and there are no threads for a fitting.

Looking at my other 2 (CPL 857's) with liquid aftercoolers, I see no visible retaining nuts or ? It appears to be a press in fitting ?? Is it possible that the engine with Liquid Aftercoolers have a different head that accepts the tube ? Has anyone made this conversion and how is the tube that goes to the head connected.

I forgot to measure the head port where the tube mounts when I left the shop today. It looks close to 1/2 " size. I guess one could tap it for a 1/2" hose connection rather than the steel tube

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