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Tuff question

All the engines I have worked with had data plates.
Understand there are other # on the block. However, my experience with the people at the Cummins Parts desk is, if it isn't spelled out in crayon for them, they are of little help. Likely gotta work this among the 4BT field.
Suggestion - FIND:
1. Type turbo - model, size, ser# etc
2. Type fuel injector pump, ser#, model etc
3. Determine aftercooler type or not
4. Oil pan type (description - front or rear sump or full pan)
5. Rear adapter type, flywheel type, etc (GM, Ford, Dodge)-auto-manual
6. Transmission type if know
7. What engine came from if known

Post this information back here, and the comparisons and verifications will start. Pictures are worth a few hundred words.

Good luck

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Look at the rear of the block ,where the head and block come together.

Give me your pump Id Tag #,I can get a # if the pump came on that engine .

Or you can use a sir# from another engine .

Do a search ,we have talked about this before .

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