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One of my 4bt swap projects is a 66 Dodge pick-up. Right now the truck sits mainly because the 440 is just waaaaayy too thirsty for $3.00+ gas. But my dad needs a good truck that can occasionally tow his 34' travel trailer he lives in, and I need to be rid of my lawn ornament. (Too many projects)

I was going to swap in the 4bt with an auto trans and call it good. But I heard about a wrecked Isuzu NPR that I might get for a song. And since I'm no body man, I had the crazy idea to swap the body over to the NPR chassis. (I already swapped the original running gear to that from a 72 Dodge truck, so I have some experience at such things.) Not hard to make a couple of body mounts, if it would line up.

The most important measurement is the track width. 'Cause if the tires are gonna stick out a foot, then my idea is kaput! LOL!! (Oh, that was made worse by the fact that it rhymes. D'oh! LOL!) Anyway, anybody have a measurement? I know the bread vans would likely be too wide, but the Isuzu might be pertty close.

Thanks for entertaining my crazy idea. :grinpimp:
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