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Swap a diesel into your Tacoma or 4-runner with 5VZFE motor. I have had this motor mocked up in a 98 4-runner and it fits very nicely with no lift and no cutting or welding on the frame. This should also fit in place of the 3VZFE motor but I have not confirmed.

I have a complete cummins QSB3.3 motor with turbo, fuel system and computer. Motor has approximately 200 hours on it. I also have a lot of components designed and made to swap it into a Tacoma or 4-runner with a 3.0 or 3.4 motor. I have designed and made all of the brackets to mount the factory toyota alternator, power steering pump and air conditoner pump to the motor. I have all of the connectors necessary to run the motor. I have all of the fittings and a hydraboost to swap out the factory vacuum canister. I have 3d models but haven't yet made the motor adapter and flywheel to connect to factory transmission. Will run the factory toyota starter which is also included. Also have motor mounts made to bolt into the factory frame mounts and new rubber mounts included. I have an oil pan adapter made to allow the factory pan to be retained. I will also include a set of (front and rear) 3.54 gears with carriers out of a Tacoma. $6000


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