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Cummins Part #'s

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From over at the TDR site, a few P/N's that we might find useful. These are for the ISBe 3.9/4.5L I think.

(170hp, 3.9L) can be flipped end-for-end for front or rear sump (SWEET! ).

Here are some part numbers I managed to get...
Cummins part # (as of 2/8/06):
4897997 OEM oil pan
4896964 oil pickup tube for REAR sump
4898301 oil pickup tube gasket
4897887 oil pan gasket
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So i found some info on here to use cummins part #4896964 to flip around my oil pan and make it work. Well it doesn't work. The end of the pickup looks to be a few inches away from the center of the engine. When I test fit the pan it hit the tube where the pan transitions to the deeper part. it also looks as if the front section of the tube will be super close on the shallow side of the pan. Just passing the info so someone doesn't waste the money.

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