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I found one of these publications on DD's 53 series marketing campaigns interesting. It was their "Forward Plan 53" brochure published in July 1982. It appears to be directed at OEM's , whom presumably incorporate these DD engines into their own branded equipment.

The engine updates/changes described in this FP53 series campaign brochure are a full 2 years before the "Silver Series" was released in mid-1984, yet appear to foretell what's to come in the later Silver series. They even allude to a "rollout" schedule where some of the engine updates will be released within a couple months by September 1982 (non-fuel related), followed by fueling related updates after.

I'm curious if anyone has heard of this "Forward Plan" campaign or remembers it. It would confirm whats been observed over the years, in terms of some "Silver" engine features appearing on engines well before 1984, such as cast Aluminum rocker cover, cross head pistons, larger oil cooler etc.

..either that, or this campaign got off to a slow start/no start, and DD eventually decided to roll these changes into the "Silver Series" campaign when that one was ready for prime time 2 years later.

EDIT: ok, so 2nd to last page of this brochure lists only "Pilot" (..test..) engines shipping in Sept 1982, with "production" engines shipping spring 1984. So this lines up with "silver" series production release in 1984, although it appears they changed up their marketing slogans and language in between.

Posting limit is 10 attachments, but the full brochure can be read at;

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That was posted today on F-book , and I've had that publication for years, as well as being an ex DDA sales rep '72-'87. Yes, various improvements were incorporated in production as that was Detroit's standard practice without fan-fare, but service bulletins were released to allow distributer and dealer personnel aware of updates. If the print wasn't so small, I'd recommend it be put in the "sticky " group, because like Grigg Mullen's previous insert , it contain's some valid comparisons to justify your consideration of investment when it comes to upgrade .
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