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Detailed 4bt info for computer model of engine

Anyone have detailed info of the 4bt? I'm looking for stuff like connecting rod length, intake/exhausts valve sizes, intake/exh manifold specs, valve lift profiles, turbo map data, etc.

I work at Michigan State U's Engine Research Lab and I'm bored. (Don't really want to do the work I'm supposed to be doing like my thesis)

So I figured I'd build up a model on my computer using Ricardo WAVE. Its this cool engine simulator that I've been using for the last year so I'm pretty good at it. I've been modeling the Cummins ISX (15L 6cyl OTR Engine) engine for the last year and I got that model pretty close to real experimental data.

Just thought it might be useful to have a good model for all you guys to test out ideas like different turbos, exhaust manifolds, fuel rates and stuff. I make no warranty to how accurate my model may be but it might give some good general ideas of performance.

:beer: Andy
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