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Fifteen months ago I adopted 650 gallons of wvo from a friend of mine who ran it in his Detroit 4-53T. I set it up and started running a small amount in my diesel on a single tank, as Spring approached I slowly increased the blend of wvo until I ended up running 90% wvo and 10% gasoline (no diesel). It ran perfect on that, but I did have teething issues along the way with the Ford fuel pump, which I later bypassed. In order to run it for the winter months I built a heated second fuel system to run 100% wvo. I finished that up last September and have five months of running in down to -28C and has been working great. I did have some fuel fluctuation issues below -10C with 1/2 tank or less, but have since fixed this. I start on diesel and switch to wvo at 140 degrees F. I collect, process and burn about 20-25 gallons of wvo a week and 3 gallons of diesel. The Detroit 4-53T love the wvo and other than the smell you'd never know it was running on veg.:)

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