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I have an old military proto-type vehicle. I bought it years ago as a lawn ornament. But recently, I was doing some exploratory work on it to see if I could make it go. I read several online articles about it. I believe it should be a 6.2 L Detroit. Because of its experimental nature, nothing is for sure. Could any of you confirm that is what I have from this pic?

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Also, any info would be appreciated. Specifically, is this a machical diesel? It looks like the injection pump is driven off the timing chain. This vehicle is 24 Volt. Do they have 12 volt starters for this engine? (I would like to convert it) If the hour meter is correct, it only has 500 hours on it. The engine turns over freely, but it wouldn’t start with starter fluid. It’s been sitting for 30 years or more. Do you think it has a chance of starting?

Pic of truck.

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