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The engine could be a 6.2 or a 6.5. Same engine was used in the GM pickup trucks and those would have been 12V. Military stuff is usually 24V. If you wanted to convert it to 12V you'd also have to replace the alternator and possibly some of the electronic controls on the engine. Nothing wrong with 24V. The engine is mechanical. Not a real power house but good enough for its intended use. The 6.2 was produced from 1982-1993 and the 6.5 from 1992-2001. Most of the 6.5's are turbocharged. Not sure what power yours has. The domestic versions 6.2 started out at 130 HP and end at 160 HP. The military version used in the HMMWV was 185 HP so yours may be that one. You might want to restore that creature and keep it all original.
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