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Hello, my first post, just found this forum by chance.

My bobcat had a deutz f2l 411 2 cylinder air cooled that was worn out. I found a f2l 511 in good shape. So, I'm in the middle of changing it over. Everything looks good so far, height, width, engine mounting plate holes. But, the flywheel on the 511 is bigger than the mount plate from the 411 (the plate where the yoke goes and connects to the vane pump) is different. Long story short, I need to put the 411 flywheel/damper (which is smaller, weighs less) on the 511. Or, keep the the 511 with it's original flywheel and have something machined that will allow me to use the 411 adapter plate into the 511 flywheel. Any suggestions?

Thanks for giving me a place to ask this question.


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