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Hello everyone, long time since ive been on the site and things but i have just started the process of rebuilding my 1985 M1008....I originally bought the truck as a Cummins swap to begin with, i purchased it from a complete fool and member of this site who will remain unanimous and i think should have gone a different route in my opinion but since i already have the truck, the motor and a few other things i might as well build it, am i right?

I bought the truck as a 1985 K30 M1008, '91 5.9L Cummins (2nd gen I/C, hx35 turbo, kdp fixed,3200 spring, timing bump 1/8th turn, fuel 1/2 turn before runaway, denny t stage 2 fuel pin, piston lift pump, 3" into 5" stack) original TH-400 trans (bread truck adapter flexplate starter blah blah), np208. 37" SSR's 6" lift (4" of rear blocks) few other goodies cant think of em off the top of my head.

I have BIG BIG plans for this truck and i know its going to be one big money pit and time consumer, im completely redoing everything possible on this truck that i can...fresh paints and lots of new parts. Right now I have gotten the truck in pieces as we speak, im down to a rolling chassis and planning to sandblast tomorrow. Motor mounts/crossmember being ordered tomorrow form Avalanche Engineering.

---------I have lots and lots of questions for the Professionals so hopefully someone can help me out. (im sure Croatan Kid will be here reading this and chiming in lol i know he has the same truck with everything i want haha:grinpimp:)

While i have the motor out i plan to readdress the KDP since the previous owner is a hack job and i cannot verifiy nor trust his work. I also plan on doing a rear main seal, mine leaks ever so slightly but since ive gotten the motor out i should address it shouldnt I? Will either of these fixes require a specaitly tool? Also is there anything else that should get attention while ive gotten the motor out of the truck?

I plan on ditching the TH400/208 combo and running a Nv4500/205. i plan to use Chevy trans, Chevy T-case. id like to twin stick the 205 if possible also.

i have done some research and talked to a very useful person and i know i will be needing these parts for the Trans/Tcase swap.....

-a set of clutch pedals from an 85 or newer Chevy truck.
-clutch master cylinder from a mid-90s F350
-slave cylinder from a 97 or so Dodge 3/4 ton
-hyd line from CrewCab59
-motor plate/ starter/ bellhousing/ clutch fork from a 94 or newer Cummins powered Dodge
-clutch set/flywheel for a 94 or newer Cummins powered Dodge
-1996 or newer GM NV4500 32spline
-Dodge/Cummins NV4500 input shaft/bearing retainer to swap into the GM trans
-Advance Adapters 2" spacer kit between trans/t-case
-"round pattern" GM NP205 32spline
-rear driveshaft (going from slip yoke to fixed yoke)
-mid-80s GM truck /NP205 transmission crossmember
-late 90s 3/4 ton 5speed GM truck transmission mount

------if im missing or forgetting anything someone please tell me

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