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I am swapping out the 5 speed in my 87 Chevy for an auto so I have the entire setup for a squarebody chevy if interested.
  • 1996 Dodge NV4500 HD
    • I was told it was rebuilt not long ago and drove fine for the ~100 miles I put on it before pulling.
  • Advance adapters kit (#50-9551)
  • GM figure 8 NP205 Passenger Drop with fixed yoke
I also have a good working 3000 mile Centerforce DFX clutch, hydraulic clutch pedal assembly, and flywheel.

I would be interested in trading for a good working 47RE and flexplate and either a dodge NP205 or a small bearing NP205 and some cash.

Asking $1800 for the whole setup.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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