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1979 p 30

had a van for 3 days now got a few wierd probs
need to figure out whats up with my 4bt works fine starts as soon as the key is turned. power is decent..

however it has a drip from where the 4 lines leave the go to the injector..

also the van sat for over 12 months first start up the leak was horrible....left a puddle 3 feet across...
second drive was 2 foot puddle...

subsequent drives it has almost stopped leaves a quarter in 1 hr. side of block is wet.. wonder if its a paper gasket and is swelling or if i am on borrowed time on a o ring

it also has a really stiff pedal and looks to have an automotive gas motor accelerator cable that looks way too thin and spindly to hold up. it takes serious effort to apply throttle and i dont think i am getting ful throttle...

plan on making it auto matic and wanted to know where to get a good cable for throttle any body got one?

and see if there was a tranny cable on th400 applications.. for load since no vac on diesel??

drip on rear end has 19.5 "wheels dually so its a floting 14 bolt?? or dana 70?

i need lots of parts but will list elswhere.. .
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