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What I Did

First, I am not the engine paint expert.
Second, I clean them with a pressure washer and wire brush until clean.
Third, I use "brake cleaner" to get the oil film off.
Fourth, I used POR15 on the rusty areas with no paint--THEN while POR15 is still tacky -- spray my spray paint (Cummins Beige) on the POR15 and let it adhere. I let this dry.
--Then I use sandpaper and smoothe off the rough spots and touch up with my Cummins Beige.
Then I forget about cosmetics, and run it; nothing I own will qualify for a show, but I just want it clean and drip free.
Why do I even worry what the engine looks like?
For when someone asks - WHAT THE HECK IS UNDER YOUR HOOD? CAN I SEE IT? :eek:
Kinda like not wanting dirty underwear when you go to the emergency room...
You never know when.:rolleyes:
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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