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Hey guys, So I've had my B3.3t fully rebuilt, but getting details on what I actually have as an engine has been a nightmare in absence of any serial number on the engine anywhere. I got a reman kit for a Komatsu 4D95L and my machine shop worked a little magic and it fit. The problem I keep running into whenever I am trying to order parts is the 1st thing everyone asks for instantly is my engine serial number...which I simply to not have. We looked, the machine shop stamping, no serial number anywhere. I now have my injectors out for rebuild and need a nozzle holder..running into the same problem..part number is worn off and I have no engine serial number to go off of....stuck.

So, 2 things... A) Does anyone have access to/know of the B3.3T model years/variations/serial numbers so I can appropriate one/identify my engine? or B) Does anyone have part numbers off the injector "nozzle holder"?

My B3.3t is an all mechanical ecus of any kind. I am at a complete stand still with my escalade conversion until I get this sorted. Thanks all,



As I first found it.
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