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Hey all -

Since I'm not in a position to buy this right now I figured I let the community know in case anyone else wanted it.

Guy near where I live is selling a "parts" f6l.

Since I can't post links yet, the listing is in the Buffalo Craigslist, item number 1687307858. A search for deutz will also turn it up.

Here's the text of the listing:

This 6 cylinder Deutz diesel was a good, tight strong running engine. A connecting rod bolt let go and she threw a rod through the block. The engine probably can be repaired. However I am selling it as a parts engine. The turbo charger is probably worth $1000, and so is the Fuel Distributer pump. The valves and valve block is also probably worth a grand as well. $595 buys them all and then some! The engine was originally in a Case 170 Excavator.

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