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Engine Electrical Topic Index

Battery, Size and Requirements:

Electrical, General Wiring Hook-ups, misc: <=Fuel shut off solenoids

Alternator, Dodge: <=Wiring up the external regulated Dodge alternator <=Adding a TACH terminal to a 2nd gen Dodge alternator

Alternator, Ford: <=Hook up wiring

Alternator, General Motors: <=Two Wire P30 version <=Engine will NOT shut off electrically <=Rebuild kits source GM & others <=SI Series Alternator Wiring Explanation

Computer, ECU:

Computer, Commonrail <=programming the ISB170 computers

Cruise Control: <=GM Cruise Control How-To Info

Fan, Electric, Adding: <=NAPA fan switch part number <=Ford Taurus & reversing direction <=Fan switch temperature range

Grid Heater, Electrical Connections & Wiring: <=Retrofitting <=How are your grid heaters hooked up

Sensors: <=Thermoswitches, temerature sensing switches & sources <=Sensor and Connectors Cross Reference Amp Part Numbers

Starter, General Information: <=Adding a "remote starter"

Starter, Dodge: <=Early Dodge Cummins does not interchange with later models <=Dodge Cummins starter part numbers & interchange <=Starter relay to take load off ignition switch

Starter, P30: <="Almost Fits but Doesn't"= <=P30 Starter Interchange List <=Starter Spacer Information <= The OTHER ford-starter <=7.3 COMPACT Starter on Ford adapter

Starter, Cummins SAE: SAE Starter interchange guide for Ford GM & SAE and-other industrial applications <=SAE 2 starter

Electrical, General Information: <=Wiring hookups to your chassis information <=Weather proof connectors <=95 GM 6.5 accelerator pedal sensor info <=Aftermarket vehicle wiring kit sources

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Engine, Turbo, Topic Index

Boost: <=Boost Gauges= <=Boost Numbers=

Compound Turbos: <=Problems running twins

Compressor Maps:


General Information: <=Wrecked turbo pics <=Others <=Compressor side upgrade part 1 <=Compressor side upgrade part 2 <=Modified mounting location <=Wastegate issues <=Determining size <=HY35 differences by year, 4" pipe <=HTT upgrade experience <=Turbo studs <=Welded waste gate questions <=Convert the A/R sizing to cm2 for the exhaust housing <=Noise under load <=Oil pressure feed line & fittings sizes <=Body alignment & drain <=Measuring sizes <=Convert non turbo 4b to turbo <=WH1E questions =Flange dimensions <=hy35 exhaust housings <=Low boost questions <=V-Band clamps and HOSE Connectors <=Flange questions discussion <=Info link to the ricers info <=Replacing pressure side hose <=Flipping turbo & manifold requirements for oil drain <=Turbo blanket <=HE351VG <=Dodge turbo info links <=HE351 <=Turbo housing removal tips <=Compact turbo elbow for tight bends pointing down <=Understanding Drive Pressure


Turbo & Injector Choices: <=choices

Miscellaneous Info: HX or HY visual difference <=EZ way to put a bead on tubing <= General Talk-Turbos
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Power Steering Pump Index <=Extra return line= <=Power steering filter <=Drive gear removal <=Removing air from the system <=Reservoirs, remote & sources <=Hydraulic steering <=PS-Pump-Adapter-Housing-Seal Diagram & parts list <=Tearing-down-my-Cummins-Saginaw-P-Type-Power-Steering-Pump Drive gear reinstall!!!-Rear-gear-powersteering-pump <=ISB REAR MOUNTED power steering pump part numbers <=Steering pump swapping main fittings <=Replace Power Steering Pump

Some additional references can be found in the "Vacuum Pump Index"
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3B Cummins, 3 Cylinder Diesel Engines: <=Pictures

Abbreviation, Engine Designation: <=What does 4BT stand for?

Accessories, Miscellaneous Engine parts, Options, Assorted: <=Pictures of common options & accessories

Alcohol, Water Injection:

Application; 4BT or 6BT, Before you start converting, Getting Started, Selecting;
Also see "Legal Aspects and Requirements" below ▼: <=Generator set engines, non automotive differences <=4BT or 4BTA? <=Choices between a 4BT or 6BT

Application, 4BT Into an Automobile, Car, Weight, Size, and Highway Safety Issues:

Application, B Series, Farm & Industrial: <=Case equipment

Application as original equipment by manufacturer for highway service:

Availability - New and Rebuilt:

Air Coolers, CAC: <=JWAC ?'s <=CAC part numbers <=CAC Piping <=CAC Sources <=CAC location placement <=Sizes, Dodge & others <=EZ way to put a bead on tubing Adding a Charge Air Cooler

Balancer, Engine, Counter balancer, Internal rotating type:

Balancer, Harmonic:
See "Dampener" below ▼

Balancing Engine:

Barring Tool Front Pulley Home Made:

Belt, Tensioner and Mounting Bracket: <=Pictures <=Belt slipping on alternator, pictures, NAPA Replacement Tensioner part number <=Tensioner, amount of movement <=Noisy <=Cross references <=Serpentine belt size

Block, Engine: <=Bellhousing rear mounting pattern, adapters <=Broken, repairing <=Rust in cylinders & stuck <=China Aluminum 4bt block

Block Heater, Engine: <=Removal & replacement
Also see "Coolant" section below ▼

Blow by test:

Blueprint Type Drawing, Measurements, Dimensions, Size:

Bolts, Nuts, Fasteners, Metric, Replacement Sources:

Boost Gauge: <=Where to install on engine

Camshaft: <=Broken camshaft <=4BT-cam-sensor-holder <=Cam Journals, HOW MANY BEARINGS? Info also in the SERVICE MANUAL

Cold Starting, Cold Climates, Cold Weather:
See "Starting" below ▼

Compression Testing, Compression PSI & Cylinder Differential Specs:

Connecting Rod Bolt Failure Problem:

Connecting Rod Bearing & Related:

Coolant, Anti-corrosion: <=Methods

Coolant Drain, Engine Block:

Coolant, Heater Hoses: <=Molded heater hoses

Coolant, Miscellaneous Plumbing Supplies: <=Source for radiator hose SIZE reducers

Coolant Pump: <=Pump part numbers

Coolant, Radiator, Radiator Hose and Connections, Configurations & Sizes: <=Radiator size <=Adapting Radiator connections to hoses <=Radiators <=Radiator hose options

Coolant, Block Heater & Expansion Plugs: <=Removal <=Expansion plugs, freeze plugs, soft plugs <=Powering the block heater & no AC available <=Leak problem <=Block heater pic <=Expansion plug, freeze plugs, soft plugs SIZE <=Coolant LEAK through BLOCK CYLINDER WALL
Coolant, Oil Contaminated:

Coolant Temperature: <=Overheating

Coolant Temperature Gauges, Sensors & Switches:

CPL: <=What is "CPL" <=CPL numbers in regard to aftercooling & serial numbers <=Determining CPL when the tag is missing

Crankcase Breather: <=Filler modification

Crankshaft Bearings: <=Installing

Crankshaft, Front and Rear Seals: <=Rear seal part number <=Front seal number <=Rear seal replacement

Crankshaft Spacer: <=How do I remove this? HUB <=4bt flexplate spacer ring.

Crankshaft Timing Gear: <=Crank Timing Gear Replacement

Crankshaft, General Information: <=Regrind, Repair, Replace?

Cruise Control:
See "Electrical Section" above

Cylinder Head Bolts,Fasteners, Stud Kits, Nuts: <=Head Bolt Torque Confusion **

Cylinder Head Crack Repairs:

Cylinder Head Expansion Plugs: <=Soft plug sizes

Cylinder Head Gasket: <=How difficult

Cylinder Head General Information: <=Swap to 4 valve head <=4bt blown head gasket & head studs.

Cylinder Head Swap 16 Valve ISBe to 4BT:

Cylinder Head Torque Procedure: <=Head Bolt Torque Confusion

Dampener, Engine mounting, shock absorber style:

Dampener, Harmonic Balancers & Pulley: <=Aftermarket questions

Dipstick, Tube length, Location Change, Plastic Tube and Mounting:<=Part numbers

Efficiency, Engine, RPM ranges:
See "Mileage"

Emissions Certification Tag:

Emissions Requirements:
See "Legal aspects..." below

Engine Painting: <=Cummins paint part number

Engine Repairs: <=Why multiple repairs should be avoided if possible

Engine Specifications: <=Cummins Engine Specs FROM Cummins

Engine Stand: <=Mounting safety <=Choices

Exhaust Brake: <=Problems <=Build your own

Exhaust Gas Temperature Probe & Gauge, Pyrometer: <=Cruising temps <=Rate- rise of temperature <=Tapping Exhaust Manifold & using particle collector magnets

Exhaust, General Information:

Exhaust Header:

Exhaust Manifold, Bolts and General Information:<=Replacing bolts with studs & sources<=Manifold bolt part number <=Turbo studs <=Freeing rusted & broken bolts <=More broken bolt removal methods <=Flipping over the exhaust manifold <=FIRE, Leaking manifold sets vehicle alight

Exhaust Manifold Paints:

Exhaust Pipe Flange to Turbo Using V-Band Clamp: <=Adapter <=V band clamp data PDF from Eaton

Exhaust Smoke: <=Black <=White on start up

Exhaust System, Misc Pipes & Mufflers: <=Some sources <=Short radius down pipe "cobra"

Failure Issues, Mechanical, Engine Problems (Also see KDP Killer Dowell Pin below):

Fan, Electric:
See the "Electrical" section

Fan, Hub, Mounting & Bracket: <=6BT info but can apply to 4BT's

Fan, Mechanical: <=Autozone part numbers for 89 P30 <=6BT info but interchanges <=How To Compact Mechanical fan Using Common Parts <=4BT Fan Mount Options

Fan Removal & Tools: <=6BT (Dodge) fan set up

Filters, Air: <=Air filter flow rates <=Harsh environments

Filter, Fuel: <=Cummins dual filter adapter <=Adding filters <=Dual filters with all parts numbers inc filters <=Fuel heater above fuel filter, part#'s, eliminate, replace

Filter, Oil:

Filter, Oil, Mounting Housing:

Filter, Oil, Remote: <=Pic's, part numbers & sources <=Remote p/n & sources <=Cummins Remote Oil Filter Adapter pt#'s <=Remote Oil Filter p/n's

Front Fabricated Engine Mounts:
See "Mounts" below ▼

Front OEM Engine Mount for use with SAE Housings:

Fuel Filters and Mounting:

Fuel, General Info, Additives, Grades, Types:<=Waste motor oil

Fuel Lines, Low Pressure Lift Pump & Return Side, Supply Lines and Tank: <=Running out of fuel, empty tank hazard <=SAE hose spec numbers <=Dealing with EFI tanks <=Hose types & line sizes <=Larger fuel lines <=Gasoline tank to diesel <=Fuel heater above fuel filter, part#'s, eliminate, replace <=Fuel filler neck options for diesel pump nozzle <= Ran out of fuel and now it won't start. Procedure required for restarting a dry fuel system <=Setting up a dual fuel supply & dual tanks <=Injector Return Line Copper Washers Pt# & Repairing broken line

Fuel Pumps, Lift Pumps, Pressure and Gauges: <=Walbro Electric Fuel Pump Link <=Piston type lift pump install & part number <=Similar to Chevy? <=Interchange between 4BT & 6BT + sources <=Piston style lift pump w/ part #'s (2007) <=Choices & more part numbers (07-2008) <=Electric pumps <=More choices & pressures <=Inlet pressure, vent hole, low mileage failures of new pumps <=Fuel pressure gauges <=High pressure vs Low Pressure physical differences

Gears, Timing, Gear Case and Mounting Bolts: <=Broken <=Timing mark positions with #1 cylinder at TDC (VE Pump) <=Timing gears, pump, rotating with pump removed <=Crank Timing Gear Replacement

Generator Set Engines: <=Generator set engines, non automotive differences

Glow Plugs: <=Pertains to all Cummins B Series engines

Grid Heater, Mounting & Related Intake Parts: <=Wiring diagram (push button) Retrofit, adapting <=Grid heater hook ups

See Cylinder Head /\

Heater Hose Connections to Engine:

History of the "B" Series Cummins Engine: <=Happy birthday to the B-series Engine July 1st!!!!

Hose, Radiator:
"See "Coolant Section" above
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Identification & Application: <=Engine "Data Plate" location

Idle, Extended Time, Prolonged:

Idle Problems & causes:

Injection Pump, Inline A Pump, General Information:

Injection Pump, Lucas CAV:

Injection Pump, P7100 <=Pictures & pump questions

Injection Pump, VE, General Information: <=AFC diaphragm & pin removal <=P Pump conversion <=Adjustments and power settings <=14 MM head & plunger <=Cycling miss under load problems <=Fuel pin, after market & ground <=Pump swap VE to P <= VE vs P pump differences <=Bad cam plate & hard to start <=Maladjusted pump symptoms & corrections <=Shutdown Solenoid has power with key off & no shutdown <=High idle, timing, adjustments <=Throttle cable set-ups, custom lengths, suppliers <=Fuel pin follower stuck <=3800 RPM governor spring installed and now it won't start <=Ran out of fuel, repriming fuel system <=Injection Pump ID numbers <=Bummer no start, camplate re-installed 180 deg out of time <=VE pump manual shutoff doesn't work <=EZ way to purge injector lines <=Instructions ve-pump removal procedure <=VE performance internal Parts and numbers
Injection Pump Governor: <=Governor differences fixed speed & automotive <="366" 3200 RPM Gov Spring <=4000 RPM Gov Spring <=Governor spring install tips <=Governor spring install tips & pics <="Phase II pump" info <=Governor spring part numbers,for RPM:2800,3200,3800, & 4200 <=Fuel shut of solenoids <-14mm head 4mm camplate

Injection Pump, KSB: <=Wiring <=Theory & operation <=Identification of the two models <=Leaky-KSB FIX

Injection Pump, Removing:

Injection Pump Timing and Effects: <=Timing gears, pump, rotating with pump removed <=VE pump timing specs by CPL

Injection Pump Operation: <=How Inline Injection Pumps Work

Injection Pump Tools & Wrenches: <=Injection pump wrench

Injectors, Fuel: <=Differences 7mm and 9mm <=Flow test <=Choices, differences between P & VE versions <=Injector cleaning <=Removal procedure <=Injector sealing washers <=190's and 185's discussion <=More on removal procedures <=7mm Vs 9mm injectors & adapters pictures

Injector, Testers, Tools & Wrenches: <=Do-It-Yourself removal tool, puller, no welding required <=Do-It-Yourself diesel injector pop tester

Installation Considerations: <=Installing guide

Intake System, Air, Pre & Post Turbo, Hoses & Tubing:
Also see "Air Coolers" above ▲ <=Bigger <=Intake brake question <=Intake cover part#'s <=Cold air intake <=Silicone hoses & sources

Killer Dowel Pin - KDP: <=Cummins notes problem & their fix

Kits, Engine Rebuilding:

Knocking after engine rebuild: <=knock-knock-knock?

Legal Aspects and Requirements can vary state by state: <=Federal Emissions & chassis restrictions

Lift Pump:
See "Fuel Pump" section above ▲

Manuals, Operating, Service, Shop, Repair, Publications, Cummins:

See "Blueprint" section above ▲

Mileage, MPG's, RPM ranges, Proper Methods for Checking Diesel MPG,: <=4BT & 6BT comparisons <=Miles per $

Mounts, Mounting, Engine & Frame Brackets, Motor Mounts, Fabricated, Engine Supports: <="Show off your Mounts" picture thread of motor mounts <=New Substitutes for "liquid filled mounts" <=Engine positioning and locating in regard to the frame <=Which factory Ford chassis brackets stand fit <=Motor mounts a quick survey

Mounts, Front, P30 Chassis, Ford & GM Chassis: <=Ford info <=P30 fluid mounts part# <=Ford mounting with Ford & van parts info

Noise, Dealing With Methods to Reduce Noise, Insulation for Noise Reduction: <=Sump

Oil Cooler Assembly:

Oil Cooler Gasket: <=Which cooler gasket?

Oil Cooler Remote:

Oil Capacity:

Oil Fillers, Eliminators, Block Side Filler Plug, etc: <=Blocking side filler hole plug <=Oil filler, block side mounted filler cap

Oil Filter, Remote:
See: Filter, Oil, Remote above ▲

Oil in Coolant:

Oil Pan Related:<=Pics & mods <=Dry sump discussion <=Reversing oil pan, front sump pick up part # <=4B Series Oil Pans, Center Front & Rear Sump Pics w/part numbers

Oil Pressure Regulator: <-Alternate oil pressure regulator gasket Part#

Oil Pressure Sender Switch:

Oil Pressure Tap, Port, Connection for gauge:

Oil Pressure, Misc: <=No oil pressure while cranking starter & prelubing <=No oil pressure after engine rebuild <=No oil pressure after engine rebuild

Oil Pump Pick up tube Part Numbers:

Oil Type - Diesel Service:

Operating at High Elevations, Thin Air Effects (non aeronautical):

Pistons, General Info, Interchange, etc: <=Piston position install offset bowls

Piston, Oil Cooling Nozzles & Problems: <=Plugged from broken oil filter <=Nozzle part numbers <=Nozzle locations
Power, Horsepower & torque curve graphs for a 4bt:

Power, Increasing, Run-a-way Engine, Smoke:

Propane Injection:

Publications, Cummins, Manuals, Operation, Maintenance, Service, Troubleshooting, Parts Lists:

See "Exhaust Gas Temperature Probe & Gauge, Pyrometer" above ▲
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See "Coolant" /\

Rebuild: <=Cost to rebuild a core engine

Removal from the Step Van:

Repairs, Engine: <=Why multiple repairs should be avoided if possible

Starter, Air, Pneumatic:

Starter, Electrical:
See "Engine Electrical" section below ▼

Starting, Cold Climates: <=Ether as a starting aid <=Powering the block heater & no AC available

Starting Difficulties: <=Hard to start after setting overnight <=Starter fails to turn <=Hard to restart & troubleshooting <=Will not start & ran out of fuel <=Contaminated fuel symptoms & testing <=Bad IP cam plate & rollers <=Hard to start using ign switch.
Stud Kits:

Tachometer: <=Low speed fluctuations <=Tach sensors <=Gear drive adapter <=CS144 sensing <=Recalibrating <=New Tiny Tach improved <=Using a factory tach & going from a modular 5.4 V8 to a 4BT or 6BT <=get your tach to work w/stock 12 valve CPS crank position sensor

Thermostat: <=New Cummins styles 07/2008

Throttle Linkage Set Ups: <=Throttle cable length, longer, & sources <=Manual throttle for the VE IP

Thrust Bearing Problem & Replacement:

Tilting the Engine Front to Rear and in Relationship to Drive Line Angles :

Tilting the Engine or Transmission Issues:

Timing Case Retaining Bolts Problem:

Timing Pin:

Top Dead Center, Rotating Engine by Hand:<=Timing marks TDC <=Home brew engine turning tool

Valves, Lash & Adjusting:

Valve Covers & Gaskets:

Valve Lash, Clearance Gap Specs and Adjustment Procedure:

Valve Seals: <=Umbrella style valve seals


SEE Dampener, Harmonic Balancers & Pulley above/\

Water Pump: <=Part numbers & interchange

Weight, 4BT Engine:

Weight, 6BT Engine:

Wiring Connections & Hook Ups:
See "Engine Electrical" section
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