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Finally some progress

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Hey, cool, man, nothing can stop you now!!!
Home stretch!!! :grinpimp:
mikel, looking GREAT!

are you running a 6 or 4 in the 6x6?
Hope I can be at that point in a few weeks, but damn this Arkansas weather is hot. 95% humidity and 90+ temps are not ideal for welding outside (or even in a non-AC Shop!)
its just as hot here. after 2 weeks im used to it!
Thank you for the compliment. This is the 4BT I had mounted in the 6x6. I thought it would end up a bit underpowered, so I got a 6BTA for it. I am moving the winch from the front to under the bed, to keep the weight on the front axle down. Removing the LU4 should compensate for the weight difference. How's your WC53 coming along?
Yipes! Those are going to be two AWESOME TRUCKS you guys! I love to see the progress and all these clever engineering solutions to pesky 'little problems' haha! Keep up the good work and the pics...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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