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Flat spotting Wildpeaks driving me nuts

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I thus purchased some 295/70 18 LT Falken Wildpeaks for my pro 4x in October.

These tires have exceptional rainy weather performance and are incredibly smooth and quiet.

Then winter arrived. I see flat spots that last 15 miles before the tires heat up and smooth out when the temperature is below 65 degrees and the truck has been sitting for at least seven hours.

I'm the one that has to travel at 60 mph because the truck is about to crash.
I presently run 33 in the back and 35 up front. I inflated them to 50 psi, but it didn't make a difference—the tires are still as hard as rocks, so I could still feel every little bump on the road.

I'm about to throw these babies out the window of my local Discount Tire, just like the elderly woman in the advertisements.

Any suggestions here, or just wish for an early summer?
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