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I put a Cummins B3.3 in this Explorer and it has been my daily driver for about 10 years. Body/chassis have about 240k miles on them. Passed Massachusetts inspection in May 2018 (currently registered and ready to drive). I am only selling because I don't drive it enough. It's been super reliable and gets over 30 MPG. More information on the project available at

* 1995 Ford Explorer Sport (2 dr) with 2 inch body lift
* Cummins B3.3 turbodiesel purchased brand new in 2008 (about 75k miles on it now)
* Jeep AX-15 transmission and NP231 transfer case with slip yoke eliminator (4x4 works)
* Phoenix Castings transmission adapter and Advance Adapters bellhousing kit
* Chevy small block clutch
* B&M short throw shifter
* Front axle disconnect vacuum system replaced with steel rod for manual engagement
* Custom stainless header
* 2.5" downpipe with 3" stainless from cat-back
* Ford Mustang PS pump and hydroboost
* Factory A/C compressor (entire A/C system replaced in 2012)
* Ford Mustang Alternator
* Recent ball joints, brakes, shackles
* Replaced odometer worm gear
* Dakota Digital tach interface
* Power leather front seats
* Factory CD player with aux input
* EGT, boost, fuel pressure gauges

Current issues:
* Typical rocker panel rust
* A/C compressor clutch engages and disengages too quickly
* Instrument panel lights and speedometer stopped working recently (probably a bad ground somewhere)
* T-case lever would need to be extended to be able to shift in/out of 4-low

Asking $4800/bo

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