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As you can tell I am new to the diesels. Sorry for the stupid questions, but here goes:
My motor plate says I have a CPL 857. This is an aftercooled engine. Aftercooled is what you call the water cooled intake motors right?
120 hp at 2500 rpm (I get that)
How much torque?
How much hp at 2000, which is my hopefull cruise rpm?
Injector PN 3802330-PX I realize there are different injectors. I don't have a manual yet. What does this part # mean. Is this a standard injector. How big is it?
The tag has a 9-9-97 date. This is the manufacture date of the motor right?
Was this a motor built before or after the #4 thrust bearing update?
I assume the serial # is like the VIN # on a car, or are there many motors with the same serial #?

Stupid newbee:confused:

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Ok, Torque is 300 ft lbs at 1700 rpm. For economy you want to keep it below 2000. After 2000 the fuel rate goes into the power mode so fuel economy goes down.
Your serno is unique to that engine. The CPL (control parts list) is common.

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