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My 6BT has what appears to be a small fuel filter FS1251 which I think filters down to 10 micron, I also think they are used on some 4BTs. The FS1000 filter also filters down to 10 microns but uses stratapore filter medium. The FS1000 is alot bigger than the FS1251 and also the filter head for it has much bigger threads for larger bore pipe which would be useful if one wanted to use SVO/WVO. It therefore would last longer. The filter head has a blanking plug which appears to be 1/8th NPT which I will use for a FP gauge.
Both filters are about the same price in England probably the same in the US so the FS1000 appears much better value. I would have to remove the existing fuel line setup or at least modify it. Ultimately I would like to have this filter in the twin tank twin filter setup in the conversion schematic in the WVO forum that I posted. Whether I use SVO or diesel in the 2nd tank the filter setup would be the same. I would imagine as this filter is so much larger than standard and it uses the stratapore medium it would be far better in a WVO/SVO setup. Just thinking out loud really but this info could be of use to others so I thought I'd post it.



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