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Fender flares do much more than just make your 4x4 look stylish - they protect your fenders from damage caused by debris thrown up by big tires. They will fully shield your tires, keep the paint on the side of your truck in good shape, and add a piece of real off-road styling to your truck's exterior.

APG's custom fender flares are some of the most high-quality and good-looking products of that kind on the market. These fender flares are made of highly durable polypropylene and come in a smooth black finish. They can be installed onto your truck without drilling or other permanent modifications.

This June, enjoy a 20% discount on Fender Flares when you shop with us! Hurry—before the sun sets on this sale! The offer ends on June 30, 2021. Prices are already reduced.

APG® - Rugged OE Style Fender Flares

APG® - Pocket Dimple Style Fender Flares


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