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Welcome Amwise,

definitely should be concerned about the starter as stated. Most installs involve trying to drop the tall-profile 4BT down between the frame rails quite a bit. If you bring the starter up (pass side) there is also the exhaust to contend with.

Here is an adapter made on CNC, not sure if they clocked out the 8 degrees or not. (I'm not affiliated with their company)

Another design consideration would be for automatics (like mine, ha hah). It would be great to design-out the wave ring, basically bringing the Torque Converter closer to the Flexplate, (if the TC doesn't hit the Crank Spacer).

You could even machine a Flexplate with an annular ring the correct diameter (I belive a 10.5 in bolt circle rather than 11.5 in) so stock Torque Converters will bolt up which would also get rid of the Wave Ring.

Look forward to seeing your ideas.
Best Regards,
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