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GMT400, 425 & 435 CHEVY & GM Radiator & Chassis Support Mods

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The claim, that both support diagonals in GM radiator support need to be removed, is also false, since the Cummins CAC fits flush into the support with diagonals in place, w/o issues. The hood latch seems to be a problem with many doing Cummins conversions. My mod allows for the hood latch to remain as it was from the factory, then allows for fitting AC condenser, trans cooler, P/S cooler behind a dual headlight header panel.
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More pictures please. I've been trying to figure this out for a while.
Would you possibly have any pictures before you put the transmission cooler in front of the condenser?
I have a 5 speed so I don't have a need for a cooler.
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So the condenser goes in front of that piece of flat bar?
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