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Hey all,

New member here. I've been surfing around on some diesel forums and reading some diesel mags (diesel power, etc). I'm interested in putting a 4BT into my 1993 F150 4x4 extended cab. The vehicle has a 302 automatic. The front hubs are upgraded WARN units.

1). What can I expect to pay for a used 4BT? Best place to buy? Or should I be targeting a P30 work truck, scrap the truck, and keep the engine (I read about someone doing this, nearly got the engine for free! Maybe this is the exception than the rule?).

2). Has anyone done the conversion to a similar year Ford F150? Any difficulties or major considerations in doing the swap? What trans did they use? I"d like to stay with an auto, but could be convinced to go with a manual.

3). What fuel economy can I expect from a 130 hp / 330 ft-lb 4BT?

4). What tire combo / axle ratio combo makes sense with a 4BT on the F150?

My objective is fuel economy, with no sacrifice in torque and payload capacity. I love to go up north on the weekends, and am tired of getting 12-13 mpg.

I"d also like to mod it a bit (down the road) , I've seen some that have said 200 hp / 400 ft-lb is doable, and still have reliability. I"d also like to do the bio-diesel or straight vegetable oil thing, I have a big interest in alternative fuels, and have seen some great specials on guys making their own from recycled cooking oil. Any pros/cons with the 4BT?

Thanks in advance all, looking forward to learning on this forum.
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