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Hey all -

Been lurking here for a while and finally decided it's time to introduce myself.

I'm here in western NY, mostly looking for an engineering job - but until that comes to fruition deciding what to do with an inherited project. Currently my stable has an 85 Mercedes 300 TD Wagon - my first foray into actually owning a diesel, a '97 Subaru Outback that has aspirations to become a dune buggy - but that's another project for another board :D, and a KLR250 that I use as a commuter in the summer.

My Grandpa recently passed and left me his 77 GMC C1500 - I'll post pictures when I find the HD that has them. I've been looking on here and elsewhere for information on what engine to replace the 350 V8 with if - more likely when - I decide to.

Right now it's down to two options.
-A 4bt for ease of the swap - find the basically bolt in setup from a breadvan, or mock up similar since it's been done so many times

-A Deutz for the individuality and indestructibility - and because I really like the tenacity of these engines.

Either way - Hi all! and I look forward to bouncing ideas and opinions off you as well responding to yours.

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