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anyone running a banshee II controller to control their VGT?
Ive been running an HE351Vgt since 2014 controlled by a Banshee controller, recently the vanes were stuck fairly closed. I connected the data port to a laptop with version 1.0 software and it s reading “internal controller fault”
first of all I’d like to define whether that means a faulty actuator or the Banshee controller itself is bad. I’ve connected a new refurbished actuator to the banshee’s harness but still same results, no response.
Ive ordered another actuator from Cummins and sent the other refurbished one back and waiting for that to arrive so i can test that one.
i just cant see how the banshee controller would be bad since its no longer a DD and mostly has been sitting for the past 5 years (Or even the acuator for that matter)

anyways is no longer available to download the latest software or tech support, I even tried texting him.

does anyone have a later version software they can email to me? So I can try giving that a shot

Worst case is (if the new actuator is not the fix) I have to find a new controller, anyone have suggestions?
Ive been looking a the Lil’ blackbox 2.0 i may try emailing them, I’d like something plug n play as I don’t have a lot of time, i need to have the truck done for a show in 10 days.
thanks for your help.....
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