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I need to swap my 4BT (P30 van) into my '69 Ford van ASAP! I need to have the swap complete by 7/6/07 because my van's 302 had a bad rod-knock. The trip planned in July is going to be 8500 miles and the diesel would save me about $1000 on that trip alone. With that in mind, why would I put money and time into rebuilding the 302 just to swap it out for the 4BT when I return? Now the dumb questions I have!

Do you think it can be done in 4 weeks?
(The '69 van has no power steering, no power brakes, and hardly any electrical accesseries. There is not one single vacuum operated item on that van that doesn't go with the engine. Should be an easier swap than most.)

What is the name of the auto transmission found behind the Cummins 6BT?
(I know I should know this but I cannot think of it!)

Do you think it will hold up to the 4BT without any modifications?

Does the Dodge auto transmission need an adaptor for the 4BT?

Are there certain years of that transmission I should seek?

If you think it's a bad idea to use that tranny, I might as well stick with a GM unit since the adaptor is already there. The Turbo 400 that is currently in the bread van leaks very badly. Since it's only a 3 speed, I don't want to invest any money into it.

Which GM overdrive tranny should I use (700R4?)

Thanks again! Sorry for the dumb questions.

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Thanks George!

I can work on it every day.

I race cars and I was going to do it at their shop. They have a full time fab guy at my disposal.

I just plan on having to change one end of the driveshaft only.

I shouldn't need to touch my brake system for now. In the future I will convert to a power brake system.

My steering system should not have to be touched either...non power.

Electrical system is as simple as it gets. (remember, this is a 1969 van) I have 4 guages besides the speedometer. For the rest of the electrical system, I can either make a bracket for the Ford alt., or hook up the single wire to the existing 4BT alt.

The fuel system will need to be addressed.

I already have a Ford Taurus electric fan and a new 3 core radiator in the van. I will need to make the hoses fit.

The 4BT has 149K miles on it. I have maintenance log which came with the P30 van, so I have an idea of it's history. I have driven it about 150 miles and everything has been good so far.

I don't know how difficult the fuel system will be. The motor mounts, crossmember, and tranny mount shouldn't be too difficult for a professional fabricator. I know I'm over-simplifying things, but I can't think of any major problems I will run in to. I am a little concerned about the height of the 4 BT, but I noticed today that the crossmember can be lowered quite a bit. Length shouldn't be a problem since these vans also came with the 300 6 cylinder.

Just thought of an issue...EXHAUST! Uh-oh.
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