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Depends on how far you take it apart. I Always replace the OD bearings and plate. I love the TFOD-JR shift kit but transgo says go with the diesel kit.

If you want to go HD then strait cut gears in the OD. after that then you can start using 48re stuff but I wouldn't consider it nessesary.

Go low stall & billet on the converter. But remember that a 1800stall for a 6bt will stall at about 1600-1700 behind a 4bt. multi-disk isn't a big deal unless you plan on towing huge loads.

Remember they were designed to hold up to a 6bt.

The best thing you can do is to actually service it. drop the pan and adjust the bands every 30k or so.

If you want any parts at a better price PM me and I'll get you some pricing.
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