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Important 47RH modifications on a reasonable budget.

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Okay, i'm finishing up my 4bt project and moving on to my 69 CC f350 with a 4x4 47RH and a 241 DHD. I want to build it right. I'm figuring for the money it would take to go to the 4r100 or 5r110 i can get the 47RH done right and save money.

If you've got experience with building up a 47Rh to make it stand up to towing it would be great for you to share that here. I will be towing camper/boat/ and occasional 15K gooseneck trailer.

I'm not going to be more that 250 HP and I plan to use one of Phil's super single disc torque convertors with a slightly lowered stall.
He suggested a good valve body to get pressures up a bit.

Any recommendations on who to use/or what kit to use for a good VB rebuild?

As far as OD and LU i'm working on a stand alone controller apart from the PCM and pressure switches to control their function- i'll post up more soon on that!

I don't think i need a billet shaft or anything like that, but if you have suggestions on how to's or maybe even which kit to use, please post away.
Lastly, many times you get what you pay for, but i don't want to overspend on something that doesn't have a good return!!!
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In my opinion, the major weak link is the torque converter in a 47rh. Good aftermarket converters are 800-1200 bucks, I would recommend 12-1400 stall, I don't know what brand is better. Also a shift kit wouldn't hurt, they're about 300 where I've checked. Then the biggest cooler you can fit. After that it should do what you need and stay reasonably reliable.
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