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2004 RAM 3500 w/24 valve, 1980 GMC 7000 w/4-53T DD, 1982 C-10 w.6.2, 12 valve 6BTA on the trailer
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It is time to replace injectors.
My truck (2004 3500 single wheel 4X4 4 door) has been pieced together years before I bought it and not all components are original.
The engine ID does identify the engine as a 2004.5 / 5.9 / HO 325.
I do not know if the injectors are the original or if they have been replaced along the way with something aftermarket.
I have removed the injectors and called a vendor and shared the info on the top of the injectors, but they said the numbers do match anything they are familiar with.
Is there a method for identifying injectors?
I have attached pics.



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