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Intank pump....RUN dont walk

I had the unfortunate pleasure of replacing an intank pump on my friends 99 Dodge/Cummins

Needless to say my opinion of this bandaid of a fix that DC came up with is even more rediculis than the OEM carter pump mounted on the Cummins.

This pump is 4 months old and has already failed, at idle the pump delivers 15 psi but the slightest touch of the throttle yeilds a woppin 4-5 psi, WOT will pull it to ZERO....................So the owner of the truck purchased a Fass II pump from a reputable dealer and we are off to the races with the install.

The bed of the truck was full of stuff so we opted to drop the tank although he had 3/4 full. The use of a good floor jack worked well for this however we still had to put the tank on the shop floor to get clearence to pull the intank pump.Once the tank was on the floor the job was very easy from there.

Following is a picture of the intank pump along side of the OEM sendor/pickup tube combo, the intank pump/ level sendor is on the left, yes thats the actual pump at the base of the unit there

Ya gotta love that all plastic construction, My buddie wants to try to get his money back from DC on this, I bet they dont do it so I will try to get this so called plastic pump back from him and disect it hehehehe, will be real interesting to see the guts of this is a good pic to show the difference between the intank pump and a Fass II that I installed to solve his fueling issues

I took a pic here to display clearly the inlet screan for the pickup tube on the OEM module

Hope this helps someone if they have troubles with an intank pump

My feelings are very clear.........if you have an intank pump dont walk but run to a good after market it Fass, Walbro, Airdog or Rasp to name a few good ones ...I also highly recommend the Vulcan big line kit :up:

Do your research and do the job right once

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